Shed Some Light On Your Next Flounder Gigging Trip

3704116My first flounder gigging experience was over 40 years ago, using a gas lantern.  Luckily, technology has came a long ways since the “good old days.”  Since then, like thousands of other fishermen, I have used tons of different lighting sources.  From old DC bulbs in a glass globe to 500 watt quartz lights.  I have gigged by lighting above and below the surface.  All along the way I have always thought to myself “there must be a better way!”

As LED lighting technology began to develop I started to experiment with different ways to incorporate LED lighting into a flounder gigging lighting system.  The product that I have ended up with is far and away the most efficient and cost effective flounder gigging light I have ever used. No lighting method that I have ever used can even compare with our newest line of “Flounder Gigging Light” products.

Simple and lightweight, our LED lighting is without a doubt the best form of lighting to use for flounder gigging.

Our Flounder Gigging Light System is battery powered and offers a low amp draw that can give fisherman thousands of hours of gigging.  No more using loud generators, plus no need to worry about a lens cracking when cold water encounters a hot light.

Our led lights are designed with a common sense approach allowing them to easily clamp onto your boat or for walking in shallow water.  You will be the envy of all your fishing buddies when you are the only one that isn’t lugging around a huge noisy generator!

“American Made and built to last”– this lighting system will transform the way you flounder gig and offer you a new advantage on your next flounder gigging trip!


NOTE: We are currently not accepting orders until website is updated with the new products. Thank you for your patience.