Don’t take our word for it…. This is what our customers had to say!

  • “I love having the ability to gig without having to hear a noisy generator.  This battery powered LED light is so simple and quiet it makes gigging a whole new experience”  —  Joseph Robertson of Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Being an older guy I really enjoy to go out and stalk flounder when I am gigging.  Being able to carry a really small lightweight light is great.  I can even take the grandchildren with me without having to lug around a bunch of heavy equipment.”  —  Allen Sutton of Hampstead, North Carolina
  • “Compared to my older model lights, these new LED lights are much brighter and make it much easier to see flounder.  It is great not having to strain to see while I am fishing”  —  Nick Kaiser of Foley, Alabama
  • “I run a charter fishing business and these lights are great for me.  I don’t have to worry about breaking bulbs or bulbs burning out on me so I don’t have to always run out and buy replacements which in turn saves me money.”  —  Josh Savage of Wilmington, North Carolina